Teenage Dramas Carried On Into Adulthood – Girlfriends

When I was in High School. I was the first too have a serious boyfriend. Our relationship started in Year 10 and carried on for 3 years. For the first year of our relationship, all I got from my girlfriends was.. ‘We don’t want too know what you and him got up too on the weekend.’ ‘We don’t care about his new job.’ ‘We don’t want you to bring him out with us tonight.’ All these are good examples of what was said on several occasions. I didn’t speak about him much, didn’t mention things I was excited about too my friends, although I thought this was one of the things you’re supposed to do with girlfriends? Well, they didn’t want too know. I kept our relationship private. Which was fine, I got on with it and me and him had a great relationship.


After the first year, a few of my other friends started having relationships. That’s when they started coming to me, ‘Did you have this problem?’ ‘Does your boyfriend do this?’ ‘What do you do when you’re both bored?’ Oh so now they want too talk about relationships and listen too my stories? It didn’t seem fair, there were times where I really needed a friend too have a moan too about boy troubles and none of them were interested.


My best friend though, she didn’t have a boyfriend till we just left high school. She was the main one always saying, ‘I don’t want your boyfriend too hang out with us.’ ‘I don’t care about so and so’s boyfriend or what they do together.’




As soon as her first serious relationship started, ‘Ben this. Ben that.’ ‘Ben’s new job. ‘Me and Ben do this and that when we’re alone.’ Oh right! So now, you want me too listen? Ha!


I grinned and bared it. That’s what friends are for. And I’m a good friend.


Now I’m older and high school is just a thing of the past. I’m in a fairly new relationship with someone whom I love and want too talk about.


I’m not friends with the girls from high school any more. My new best friend though. Just as bad! ‘I don’t care.’ She would say. ‘Do you have too text him all the time?’ Rolling her eyes whenever I mention his name. I told her she’d be the same once she got a boyfriend. Smitten and loved up. It would seem I am right..


She’s finally got her first ‘boyfriend’ and what do you know? CONSTANT TEXTING. CONSTANTLY TALKING ABOUT HIM.


Guess you’ve got too grin and bare these things now matter how old you are. That’s what friends are for right?


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