Tattoo’s and Piercings – Yes, No?

Let me start by saying that, 

I have had several piercings, and one tattoo.

My tattoo, like a lot of other peoples tattoo, means something to me. It represents peace and freedom and I remind myself of my life struggle when I look down at it on my arm. To a lot of people, their tattoo can remind them of something which means so much to them and they want to be reminded constantly.

OTHER tattoos…
A small mistake most of the time that you think of having on an impulse. Most of the time a flower, butterfly or a common pattern which the tattooist says will look great on you!
A reminder of your once stupid wild life.

My tattoo took me a whooping 4 years to draw up, finish and get done and it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

A lot of people say, that if you have tattoos up your hand, fingers or arms, this will sway potential employers to not hire you.
We live in the 21st century, where some of the best doctors, scientists and writers have body modifications. It’s just the way it is! If someone looks at you funny for having something different, they are the ones with their head in the clouds.

I’ve had my lip pierced, top ear pierced, lobes pierced, hand pierced and nipple pierced. None of which I’ve looked back on. My lip I took out a few years ago but I still have a small visible hole. My hand piercing migrated out of my hand, it was a micro dermal between my thumb and first finger. I wouldn’t recommend this, they are painful and do get caught on everything. Ouch! But I still don’t regret having it. The rest are still in, and I’m happy with them. They are not very visible, however an old employer told me to take out my lip piercing as I worked in customer service. Some managers are just grumpy.

I don’t think anyone should judge someone by there piercings or tattoos and also you should remember that not many people actually do.



My ode poem to my love <3


You’re the one who is my all,
if i was sad, the one i’d call.
The one i call my best friend,
yet you still drive me round the bend.
The one my heart and love belongs,
inspires me to write the most love-filled songs.
In life its you, you’re all i need.
I cant wait to have your seed.
Love you Lee ❤

SHORT story! The feeling of Freedom


Cold, Stuffy, Crowded, Loud.

Staring out the window waiting to move.

Sucking a boiled sweet. Chewing some gum, or the confectionery of your choice.

While your ears pop, you continuously swallow or yawn.

Ignore the safety demonstration you’ve experienced 100 times. But, you’d still never have any idea what to do in an Emergency.

Wait a minute..


“The seat belt sign is now off, you are free to roam about the cabin area.”


Holiday Blues.. Or do i change my path?

After being away for just one week so far, I’ve had a feeling that I’ve not experienced before, (And I’ve been on holiday countless times). I don’t want to return to England…

I don’t particularly want to stay in Malaga or North Africa, however i don’t want to go home.


Before, when it’s been brought up in conversation, I’ve said i couldn’t live anywhere other than England, away from family and friends. I’ve already wanted to travel, for months at a time eve. But this time it’s different. I’ve been away with the love of my life and being away feels like experiencing freedom for the first time. Free from day-to-day life in England and free from useless, interfering people.

Ah.. maybe i’m getting to the root of my problem.

I don’t want to go back because i don’t want to go back to life, when you’re away; you could be anyone. No one else knows of you, nobody can bother you and nobody can interfere with your life.

I just want some peace. Away from technology and the problems that life throws at you. I want to go days where i don’t even look at my phone and the people around me do the same. 

Guess i’m asking to much? For just a bit of peace from life. 

Peace from problems.

Valentines Day


Is the romantic, surprising thrill of Valentines still being felt? I am a lover of Valentines Day, it’s safe to say it is one of my favorite holidays.. If it counts as a holiday. Until researching Valentines day, i couldn’t tell you where it came from. I’d say, Valentines Day is about being shot with Cupid’s Arrow isn’t it? 

So, there is a few different idea’s of where Valentines Day came from. Let me tell you about this one, which i find quite fun and exciting personally;

In Ancient Rome, the dates 13, 14 and 15th of February were celebrated as a Pagan festival of fertility! Now according to Noel Lenski, a University Classics Professor, young men would strip naked and use whips to spank the bum’s of women to increase their fertility… Sound’s like something i’d quite like to attend if i’m honest!

Another idea, which sound’s slightly more ‘romantic’ is that this was the day they celebrated the engagement of Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia, Geoffrey Chaucer writes, “For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, When every fowl cometh there to choose his mate.” Slightly more romantic than being whipped on the bum.

So what’s happened to Valentines day? What’s happened to posting cards from ‘?’ through the door of the guy who takes your fancy? Where’s the excitement of asking your partner for a Playstation 4 or a new pair of high heels? That’s not what Valentines Day is about!

12 Red Roses, a card with a personal message/poem in and the love of a true gent is more than enough to make me happy.

So tomorrow, how about waking up your partner with a big kiss, look at her/him like you did the first day you met and have a loved filled day of sending each other mushy texts, writing love notes, complimenting each other and celebrating your love. Because that’s what Valentines Day is about!

And if you want to whip each other on the bum, save it to the evening!