Valentines Day


Is the romantic, surprising thrill of Valentines still being felt? I am a lover of Valentines Day, it’s safe to say it is one of my favorite holidays.. If it counts as a holiday. Until researching Valentines day, i couldn’t tell you where it came from. I’d say, Valentines Day is about being shot with Cupid’s Arrow isn’t it? 

So, there is a few different idea’s of where Valentines Day came from. Let me tell you about this one, which i find quite fun and exciting personally;

In Ancient Rome, the dates 13, 14 and 15th of February were celebrated as a Pagan festival of fertility! Now according to Noel Lenski, a University Classics Professor, young men would strip naked and use whips to spank the bum’s of women to increase their fertility… Sound’s like something i’d quite like to attend if i’m honest!

Another idea, which sound’s slightly more ‘romantic’ is that this was the day they celebrated the engagement of Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia, Geoffrey Chaucer writes, “For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, When every fowl cometh there to choose his mate.” Slightly more romantic than being whipped on the bum.

So what’s happened to Valentines day? What’s happened to posting cards from ‘?’ through the door of the guy who takes your fancy? Where’s the excitement of asking your partner for a Playstation 4 or a new pair of high heels? That’s not what Valentines Day is about!

12 Red Roses, a card with a personal message/poem in and the love of a true gent is more than enough to make me happy.

So tomorrow, how about waking up your partner with a big kiss, look at her/him like you did the first day you met and have a loved filled day of sending each other mushy texts, writing love notes, complimenting each other and celebrating your love. Because that’s what Valentines Day is about!

And if you want to whip each other on the bum, save it to the evening!


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