Tattoo’s and Piercings – Yes, No?

Let me start by saying that,ย 

I have had several piercings, and one tattoo.

My tattoo, like a lot of other peoples tattoo, means something to me. It represents peace and freedom and I remind myself of my life struggle when I look down at it on my arm. To a lot of people, their tattoo can remind them of something which means so much to them and they want to be reminded constantly.

OTHER tattoos…
A small mistake most of the time that you think of having on an impulse. Most of the time a flower, butterfly or a common pattern which the tattooist says will look great on you!
A reminder of your once stupid wild life.

My tattoo took me a whooping 4 years to draw up, finish and get done and it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

A lot of people say, that if you have tattoos up your hand, fingers or arms, this will sway potential employers to not hire you.
We live in the 21st century, where some of the best doctors, scientists and writers have body modifications. It’s just the way it is! If someone looks at you funny for having something different, they are the ones with their head in the clouds.

I’ve had my lip pierced, top ear pierced, lobes pierced, hand pierced and nipple pierced. None of which I’ve looked back on. My lip I took out a few years ago but I still have a small visible hole. My hand piercing migrated out of my hand, it was a micro dermal between my thumb and first finger. I wouldn’t recommend this, they are painful and do get caught on everything. Ouch! But I still don’t regret having it. The rest are still in, and I’m happy with them. They are not very visible, however an old employer told me to take out my lip piercing as I worked in customer service. Some managers are just grumpy.

I don’t think anyone should judge someone by there piercings or tattoos and also you should remember that not many people actually do.



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