How one person can have such an effect on one persons life

This is valid in a lot of ways, and there is a lot of things I could write about. However today this is just a short note because I’ve recently started a new full time job, and with that comes your normal stresses. But someone decided to anger me for no reason even knowing how much of a load I’ve got on my shoulders.

Other people in your life don’t understand stress unless it’s happening to them… Am I right?

Although if you think to yourself now, oh well I sympathise with other peoples stresses. Do we really?

Something so petty, yet other people are willing to start an argument over nothing. Why do we do this? And us Brits are well known for it more so than any other country!


This was more of a vent although if any one has any stress tips please post your comment I could seriously do with some advice.


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