How one person can change everything.

Relating back to my post yesterday…

Its strange how one person can change the way you feel. The way you act. The way you look even.

It could be love, you could be trying to make yourself seem different to what you truly are. Or maybe you just want to impress someone. So to do this you act differently, some people even put on a different voice, use a different tone. Say things that sound stupid or try to say things that come across very smart.

You might change the way you act, over the top, rude language. Or the opposite and not say whats on your mind and keep your opinions to themselves.

And how you feel.. This is slightly different. When someone has a huge impact on your sensations.

Stress: When you feel under pressure. Like something is pulling you down.

-This can be brought on by the smallest thing. Sadly and annoyingly. People bring it on. Everything stress related – leads to other humans involved.

Sad: Affected by unhappiness.

-One of the worse things to feel right? No one can get you out of this mood brought on by sadness.

Happy: To feel pleasured, delighted. ‘You could be happy to see a person.’

-This has got to be the best feeling right? So why would another human want to jeopardize your happiness…

Guilty: Having wronged someone and showing a sense of guilt.

-However some people take advantage of this and make you feel this way to get what they want or to feel powerful.


Feelings ey? Who needs them?


If anyone feels like they could add anything, please comment.


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