Never regret anything 💚




It’s Sunday night and the Sky is looking deep and shining with stars. Each one gleaming in a magical way. Everyone in every country, county or town will look up and see the same stars and it’s amazing and tranquil. Wow.

Holiday Blues.. Or do i change my path?

After being away for just one week so far, I’ve had a feeling that I’ve not experienced before, (And I’ve been on holiday countless times). I don’t want to return to England…

I don’t particularly want to stay in Malaga or North Africa, however i don’t want to go home.


Before, when it’s been brought up in conversation, I’ve said i couldn’t live anywhere other than England, away from family and friends. I’ve already wanted to travel, for months at a time eve. But this time it’s different. I’ve been away with the love of my life and being away feels like experiencing freedom for the first time. Free from day-to-day life in England and free from useless, interfering people.

Ah.. maybe i’m getting to the root of my problem.

I don’t want to go back because i don’t want to go back to life, when you’re away; you could be anyone. No one else knows of you, nobody can bother you and nobody can interfere with your life.

I just want some peace. Away from technology and the problems that life throws at you. I want to go days where i don’t even look at my phone and the people around me do the same. 

Guess i’m asking to much? For just a bit of peace from life. 

Peace from problems.