It’s Sunday night and the Sky is looking deep and shining with stars. Each one gleaming in a magical way. Everyone in every country, county or town will look up and see the same stars and it’s amazing and tranquil. Wow.


A second chance ? – Short story.

I was with Road again tonight, it feels like he’s getting fed up of me. It was quiet except from the faint howl of trees in the wind. I break the silence;

‘How many days have we shared now?’

‘Many.’ He replies.

‘Are you getting fed up of me?’ I say quietly.

‘Sometimes. You’re messy. When you’re Blackberries go rotten, you throw them in the gutter. You shake your goods too any passer by.’

‘I’m sorry, I take advantage.’ I say sympathetically.

‘Fault is not yours.’

‘It is. I get into the same situation but you always take me back.’


‘Too me more than anyone else. I don’t see you letting anyone else on you.’

‘For me, there’s only one.’

‘That’s really sweet.’ I say sadly, feeling guilty.

‘Don’t be sad. Road is fine.’

Its darker now that night has fallen. I decide too go to bed, its been a long day. Lots of business.


Moments later, I awake. I cant even recall dropping off. I hear voices and turn around.

My heart stops.

Road is with someone else.

I stay as still as possible to hear them, its windy and I cant help but shake slightly;

‘I’m so glad you’re here for me.’ a female voice says.

‘Always.’ Road replies.

‘You’re so handsome. You’re flawless. The best road around.’

‘You make me blush.’

‘Thank you for keeping me stable.’

‘Pleasures mine. For me, there’s only one.’

I run out and see the female voice is tree. Tree. How dare she? How dare Road.

‘Road! How could you?’ I shout.

‘Berry? Its not what it looks like.’

‘It certainly looks like something to me.’ I cry.

Road sighs, ‘I’m sorry you had to find out like this.’

I laugh. ‘I can do better than you.’

‘I know you can, that’s why I leave you my little Berry bush.’

I turn away.

‘Berry. Tree is different. She never leaves me. You leave me for anyone that will have some of you. You change everything about you. Tree stays the same apart from hair trim now and again.’

I feel the street lights glaring at me. I feel embarrassed.

‘I hope you’re happy.’ I hiss at tree. She laughs smugly. I despise tree. When she gets said, ‘Hair trim.’ She leaves her shit all over the place, all over my berries.

‘Maybe you shouldn’t have taken advantage of Road. I think he’s brilliant. A real keeper, he’ll be around for as long as I live and as will I too him. But you? You’re just a bush. Someone will remove you when they realise you’re good for nothing. Or you’ll die and rot away.’


I turn away. I look at the garden behind me. Flowers and Weeds are trying not too stare. Grass sympathizes, ‘We’re here for you. You were good too road at times. Flirty with some. But good too him. Never went with anyone else. We’re here for you.’

I appreciate it. But she’s wrong. I was terrible too Road. I don’t deserve him. I was constantly bugging him asking him questions, telling him too take me places. I feel my twigs curling, and some berries drop off. I shrink smaller and smaller. My beautiful green leaves turn too brown. Tree was right. I’m dying. I’m just a measly little blackberry bush that nobody cares about.


The next day a little boy is playing on Road. He runs over to Berry. ‘Oh.’ He says sadly.

‘What’s up Jamie?’ A lady says.

‘The blackberry bush Mum, it’s all brown.’

‘Oh what a shame.’ She says inspecting Berry. ‘I know Jamie, lets go get a shovel and scoop it out. We’ll try and plant it in the garden and nurse it back too health.’ She smiles.

‘Oh yeah! Great idea mum!’ The boy says.


A few months later, its a calm, sunny day and the boy is kicking a ball in his garden. He takes some berries off the healthy bush him and his mum planted. The bush shakes. He looks around, and shrugs.

‘Hey mum.’ The boy says, ‘Want some berries? There pretty tasty.’

‘Thank you Jamie.’ His mum smiles.

‘You know mum, I could have sworn that blackberry bush said thank you a minute ago.’

His mum laughs, ‘Oh Jamie, you’re a nutter.’