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Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

I’m lying on my local beach when something glistens in the corner of my eye, as I lift my hand to shield the irritating gleam, I realise that it is a bottle. I hitch myself up onto my elbows, and lean slightly. I reach over to the bottle and lift it up. Whilst inspecting it, I see there is a message waiting to be read! Eager too find out what the message could possibly say, I push the lock button on the top of the bottle, which reveals the pass code lock. Hmm, what could the pass code be? I scan the bottle for clues. Nothing. Normal glass bottle, blue metal lid. Lid! I look for the sell-by date on the rim of the lid, 03/09/99. Aha! I shorten this date and tap, 3999, into the pass code lock. I’m in! I tap the message icon.

Ok, see you in 5 x

Oh, all that for a boring old message. Ah well, back to sunbathing.