What is the point of life?


How one person can change everything.

Relating back to my post yesterday…

Its strange how one person can change the way you feel. The way you act. The way you look even.

It could be love, you could be trying to make yourself seem different to what you truly are. Or maybe you just want to impress someone. So to do this you act differently, some people even put on a different voice, use a different tone. Say things that sound stupid or try to say things that come across very smart.

You might change the way you act, over the top, rude language. Or the opposite and not say whats on your mind and keep your opinions to themselves.

And how you feel.. This is slightly different. When someone has a huge impact on your sensations.

Stress: When you feel under pressure. Like something is pulling you down.

-This can be brought on by the smallest thing. Sadly and annoyingly. People bring it on. Everything stress related – leads to other humans involved.

Sad: Affected by unhappiness.

-One of the worse things to feel right? No one can get you out of this mood brought on by sadness.

Happy: To feel pleasured, delighted. ‘You could be happy to see a person.’

-This has got to be the best feeling right? So why would another human want to jeopardize your happiness…

Guilty: Having wronged someone and showing a sense of guilt.

-However some people take advantage of this and make you feel this way to get what they want or to feel powerful.


Feelings ey? Who needs them?


If anyone feels like they could add anything, please comment.

How one person can have such an effect on one persons life

This is valid in a lot of ways, and there is a lot of things I could write about. However today this is just a short note because I’ve recently started a new full time job, and with that comes your normal stresses. But someone decided to anger me for no reason even knowing how much of a load I’ve got on my shoulders.

Other people in your life don’t understand stress unless it’s happening to them… Am I right?

Although if you think to yourself now, oh well I sympathise with other peoples stresses. Do we really?

Something so petty, yet other people are willing to start an argument over nothing. Why do we do this? And us Brits are well known for it more so than any other country!


This was more of a vent although if any one has any stress tips please post your comment I could seriously do with some advice.

Extreme Bean Living – good read, short story by me.

How it is for a common bean to live.

Past the wrapper, through the metal, under the first deceptive layer, lives a colony of beans.

We can’t be 100% sure what goes on in these tin cans when humans aren’t around, but after speaking with executive chief Beanyun, I’ve got a pretty insight.

The story:

Living on the bottom layer in Beantinsville000543 can be tough, it’s quite crowded and there’s no jobs available. I have my family still ofcourse, Mean, Dean, and my little sister Sean. But I’ve always wondered since I was a young Bean, isn’t there anything else? Anything better?

In the middle layer, there is a more civilised group of people. It’s a great place to be and a lot of people aspire to get there. Little do. I’ve seen what it does to people down here, drives them crazy.

If you’re lucky to live up top, that’s a whole different story, you get to dine alongside King Bean000543 and Queen Bean000543 themselves. It’s a small population and it mainly rains. From what I’ve heard the people up top are not so happy. They seem happy, but they can’t possibly be. They are all out for themselves.

I haven’t heard too much about what it’s like to be let out, to fulfil the reason we were put here. But I can only imagine how amazing it must be.

It’s said, that as soon as ‘Daylight’ hits us, everyone is pushed together. We become one, everyone gets on and it’s like a big party. Oh my, I’ve heard about the heat too. We’ll be out of this freezing community. We meet new things, mushrooms, I think an old bean mentioned sausages! He tells a good story, he was around the factory for a long while and heard some ‘humans’ talking.

Every bean is sorta friendly here, but you get the odd bad bean. Spoiling pre-life for every other bean.

One thing that terrifies me, that once we’re out are lives can be very short.

But I think, To be at one, to come together with every bean, Wow that would be the best day.

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